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Shuttlewise is an independent operator transporting containers and trailers on strategic European corridors. Cargo is consolidated by bringing logistic service providers and shippers with common interest in a specific destination together.

Regular rail shuttle and door to door connections are managed by coordinating the assets and services involved.

Each service has a different mix of partners, customer and suppliers. Customers can either be partners, regular- or spot customers.

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Why Rail

Rail is the safest and most sustainable hinterland modality. Rail can be more cost effective than trucking and can move cargo to and from locations short sea and barge connections cannot reach.

Making rail part of the logistic solutions you offer your clients helps to achieve cost saving and environmental objectives.

Across the European continent, rail has about 18% market share in the total modal split. It is a shared ambition of the rail sector and European governments to see this number increase to 30% by 2030.

Do you want to contribute to a better future? Contact us!

Our Reason for Being

Shuttlewise’s mission since 2008 is to make rail accessible to companies that are not able to fill or organize rail connections for containers, conventional cargo and trailers by themselves. The customer base consists of customers in various sectors such as chemicals, break bulk and bulk cargo.

Our Propositions

From one-off bookings to committed volumes per train, Shuttlewise aims to cater to the needs of all customers offering competitive rates, guaranteed slots and a clear booking procedures. For irregular flows, customers can book our services on spot basis. If you expect to put more volume on our trains, you will be offered volume discounts. In this way we reward steady flows with lower rates. When you can commit volume, we can offer you even more favorable conditions. Depending on the level of commitment and cargo composition prices will be agreed. When volume is above or below expectations and bonus-malus system can come into effect: in this way a partnership is developed. 

Would you like to receive spot rates and discuss the possibilities for partnership? Call our commercial team.

Latest Technology

Technology is key.

Increasingly Shuttlewise is becoming an IT company specialised in intermodal solutions. Beside the commercial conditions, it is all about the ease of doing business. That is the reason we have invested in easy interfaces and real-time status information. Through API, FTP, EDI and our webportal information can be shared allowing you to keep an overview of the actual status of your cargo and manage your logistics proactively. Would you like to know more? Contact us.

Quality Standards

Shuttlewise works according to the latest standards of the ISO normation: NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2015.

All our processes and workflows are audited every year in order to assure to our clients that their consignments and their data are in reliable hands.

Through continuous improvement we are improving the way we operate and the service we deliver each and every day. 

New Connections

We are constantly looking for opportunities to establish new connections with partners.

If you are looking for a proactive, customer focus rail specialist to help consolidate cargo and organize regular shuttle connections, give us a call!



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